Kuroko’s Basketball PSP Game Trailer

by on June 19, 2012

A good news for Basketball game lover especially for PSP console.Namco Bandai Games has release a new trailer for the new Kuroko’s Basketball: Miracle Match a basketball experience game for PSP. According to Namco Bandai, Kuroko’s Basketball: Miracle Match is scheduled to be release this August 2012. Kuroko’s Basketball game is based from its original manga and anime.

Kuroko’s Basketball: Miracle Match is an interesting game because it not only focus on basketball game but it will make player experience more than that. The game will be split into three parts: adventure part, daily life and practice part, and game part.

During adventure part, you’ll experience events with the various characters, building up your teammate trust and unlocking new special moves. During daily life and practice part, you’ll create your own practice menu and build up your team.

And during the game part, you will put what you have gained on the two previous parts into good use. Where else, but in a game of basketball!

Kuroko’s Basketball: Miracle Match will be available on the PlayStation Portable for 5230 yen and slated for August 2012 release.

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