Fairy Tail x Rave Master Crossover Anime Coming this August

by on April 16, 2013

fairy tail x rave master crossover

If you a big fan of Rave Master or Fairy Tail, you will notice how they almost resemble one another. Why?…Because both of them are written by Hiro Mashima. Good news for because an anime cross over between Fairy Tail and Rave Master will be coming this August. Hiro Mashima announced via Twitter that his Fairy Tail and Rave Masterone-shot crossover manga will be adapted into an anime special! The OVA will be bundled on DVD with the special edition of Fairy Tail‘s 39th manga volume, scheduled to be released on August 16th.

In the one-shot manga published last 2011, Fairy Tail‘s main character Natsu and Rave‘s main character Haru are lost, so Lucy and Elie embarks on a journey to search for them. Mashima is drawing the original artwork for the anime adaptation for new sequences, adding Musica and Let, two Rave characters who did not appear in the crossover manga.

Mashima is supervising all parts of the crossover anime personally.

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